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So here's the thing

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 3:51 AM
Hello, fellow peepos!

Right off the bat: here are the news:
I got a new job with new working hours which I am still getting used to. This being a direct followup to the stressful time around christmas and new years this is quite a tough deal for me to pull through right now.
What I am trying to say I guess is that my inactivity on here will probably last a little bit longer still.

Either way, I hope you're all well. c:

Happy Holidays!!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2016, 7:41 AM
Happy holidays y'all!!
Hope you have a nice and stressfree time! c:


:iconrobot-rumpus:' is hosting a secret santa event, which I haven't heard of yet! :v
So I am excited to join! :la:

So here's my wishlist:

MM Classic:


-Cyberelf X
-Sage Harpuia

I also have those MM related fancharacters:
-Errand Bot
-Soundman (His ref is a wip, I will finish and update it asap c: )

I am mostly happy about stuff with my fancharacters, but the choice is yours! x))
I'm so excited already for whom I'll be allowed to draw! :D
Yo, I decided to bring this back, keep it up, but handle it differently.

If you are a watcher, feel free to comment on this journal with a link to a character you'd like to see drawn.

As a warmup I will go through the comments here and pick something to sketch up.

Once a month I will upload all the sketched request in one collection.

(also remember that I will use those for warmup sketches,
so no heavily detailed mechas or stuff like that please xD;; )

Sound good? Then send links flying my way!
There is no limit to requests, but also no time limit or necessity to draw the request for me. I'll just pick stuff all willynilly.

What did I miss?
Hello my fellow deviants!

Simple point commissions are briefly open, so can hopefully extend my core membership soon (if I find out how that works now.......)

Here are my current offers:


DeviantArt Icon
(50pxx50px, about 15kb)

IconCom - InvaderTrekke by Tulpen-Teufel Pc Zim Icon by Tulpen-Teufel

Still icon 150:points:
Blink animation icon 250:points:


Pokémon sketch

More Poke-Requests by Tulpen-Teufel

Simple Pokémon 200:points:
Complex Pokémon 500:points:


Coloured sketch

Point Com - REM by Tulpen-Teufel
Point Com - June by Tulpen-Teufel GA - iBe-Blu - Jesse by Tulpen-Teufel

Portrait (shoulders and up) 150:points:/character
Waist up 200:points:/character
Full body 250:points:/character

Casual softshading +30:points:/character

Two character limit for each commission of this kind. (Group pictures take way too long. >>)



1. [open]

2. [open]

3. [open]


If you want to commission me, make sure you comment saying what kind of commission you want in which drawing style and link me to a reference I can work with. c:

Thanks for your interest! :D